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  Floor-Type Dough Rounder can be used to round bread, toast, baguettes, pizza, bagels and various other kinds of dough.  
R1300A Floor-Type Dough Rounder

Product features:

  • Continuous feed by hand, single setting for different dough weights.
    Dough Weight from:20g ~ 800g.
  • Applications: bread, toast, baguettes, pizza, bagels and etc.
  • R1300A:suitable for liquid contain above 60% dough.
    R1300B:suitable for liquid contain below 50% dough.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance.
  • Various speed control by inverter.
  • Capacity:About 1600-2000 pcs/per hour.
    Catalog PDF Download:
    Machine Specifications
    Model Dough Weight Range HP Length Width Height
    R1300 A 20 - 800 (g) 1 HP 77cm 70cm 118cm